The 1992 Acura NSX comes with a set of Forgestar F14 wheels, a carbon fiber kit and it’s ready to tear it up in time attack runs

For the most part, the Acura NSX is considered as one of the best pure JDM cars to ever grace the streets of North America. With a mid-engine setup, gorgeous looks and impressive handling, the NSX was the item many teenagers coveted over the years. However, with the price of this vehicle dropping to reasonable levels, more than a few once-fans have ventured into the Japanese supercar ownership world with this vehicle. And for Rhett Panter, the owner of this beautiful 1992 Acura NSX, just owning it simply doesn’t cut it. For him and his family (since this is a family built time attack racecar), giving the rest of the grid at races is what gets his heart pumping.

The vehicle comes with a complete twin-turbo conversion, helping the already powerful Acura NSX churn out an impressive 700 horsepower. Additionally, the vehicle features a rather high-quality widebody kit. This consists of a time attack front lip spoiler, rear widened air intakes and additional aero upgrades. While in some other builds, owners go with anything and everything, this NSX features only the highest quality parts from legendary JDM tuners Groupe N, Science of Speed, and others. Overall, almost everything that’s added to this NSX feels right and feels right at home. And that’s a seldom seen trait in today’a tuning world.

The Acura NSX (or Honda NSX for you JDM purists) is the stuff of legend. But we all know that by modern standards, they’re lacking a bit in the power department. So when you throw two turbos at one, then some BIG ‘ol 335s on the back with the bodywork to match, you’ve got something magical. Like Rhett Panter’s track beast right here. – Hoonigan

The final touch for this Time Attack build is a set of Forgestar F14 wheels. Coming in a staggered 17×9 and 18×12 front and rear, respectively, these wheels perfectly finish up this build. The wheels are wrapped in extra sticky & grippy Hoosier A7 tires (last only 3 laps), sized 255/35/17 in the front and 335/30/18 in the rear. However, as some of you may already know this, the sizes with Hoosier and other sticky tire makers are mostly for reference only. They need to be picked to welcome the wheels and fitment in question, and that’s not something anyone can do.

Most recently, this vehicle was recently featured in a Hoonigan episode of Build Biology, S02E17. The video gives us a detailed showcase of the entire build, alongside a full interview with its owner. Press play and enjoy some legendary JDM motoring art right below.