EVS Motors & Forgestar at TX2K 2019

2019 TX2K Racing Event EVS Motors & Forgestar

At this year’s TX2K event, thanks to EVS Motors, our authorized dealer from Texas, we’ve revealed our all-new Forgestar Drag Racing wheels in detail, giving drag racing drivers a brand new choice for their race builds

There isn’t a lot of automotive events that attract such a varied group of people, as does TX2K. For years, TX2K has been the event that various drag racing enthusiasts from all across the nation flock to in huge numbers. And the 2019 edition of the TX2K drag racing was no different. And for Forgestar Wheels, this highly enjoyed event is usually circled several times on our yearly calendar. After all, TX2K gives us a chance to not only see our wheels in action but also, to connect with our customers, fans, and friends. And there’s no better way of spending a weekend, than in an excitement-filled two days at the Houston Raceway Park, battling scorching heat and dehydration, but coming home more than happy after all.

Many of our customers see TX2K as the most important event in the calendar. It’s where the aftermarket modding & drag racing scene comes to show to the world what they have been working on for the past several months, or in some cases, even years. In turn, this event sees a growing number of our customers running a varied showcase of drag strip prepped cars, running a number of Forgestar wheels. Simply put, TX2K is an event that anybody who considers them a drag racer, needs to come and take part in. Naturally, for the rest of us, the sheer excitement, joy, and laughter shared with some of the best people in the industry make TX2K an event we can’t miss out on.

At this year’s TX2K event, we’ve showcased our all-new Forgestar Drag Racing wheels. Namely, the Forgestar D5, Forgestar D5 Beadlock, Forgestar D6, Forgestar D6 Beadlock and Forgestar F14 Drag Pack wheels. And for some of our customers, this drag racing event was the perfect opportunity to give these wheels a proper thrashing, proving to everyone what a great product we’ve released.

For this year’s TX2K we partnered up with our local Houston, Texas authorized dealer, EVS Motors. For years, EVS represented the pinnacle of the aftermarket & luxury car culture in Houston, and in recent months, the dealership has pushed the envelope even further. Helping to get our message across and giving high-performance & luxury car owners the ultimate wheel product in the local area, EVS is the perfect partner to hit such a high-profile event such as this. And one perfect spot to showcase our new drag racing wheels.

You can take a look at the complete media gallery of this year’s TX2K event right below.