White Audi S4 - Forgestar CF5V Wheels in Matte Bronze

Ibis White Audi S4 Forgestar CF5V Wheels

This Ibis White Audi S4 is upgraded with a set of Forgestar wheels, sized 19×9.5 in the front and 19×9.5 in the rear, adorned with a Matte Bronze finish

Say what you might, but the Audi B8 S4 doesn’t look like a car designed back in 2006 in any way. While most of us think this vehicle came on sale somewhere around 2010, it was actually released back in 2008. And the S4 – the high-performance version of this vehicle – is a 15-year-old car almost. Let that sink in!

After all, this car still looks incredible, even after almost 15 years since its introduction. Back in 2008, this was one of the hottest four-door family sedans, battling the good ol’ BMW E90 M3 and the Mercedes-Benz C63 for the title of the best high-performance sleeper / family hauler.

White Audi S4 - Forgestar CF5V Wheels in Matte Bronze

In the last refresh, the Audi S4 of this generation came with a 3.0 liter TFSI V6 engine, delivering a rather impressive 329 horsepower and 325lb-ft (440Nm) of torque. In turn, thanks to this power output and its S-Tronic Dual Clutch Transmission, using the Quattro all-wheel-drive system powering all four wheels, the S4 could accelerate from 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in just 4.0 seconds. Pretty impressive for a car that sits four, comes with a reasonably large boot, and can be used both on and off the track with equal results.

For this Ibis White, the owner decided to add a few visual upgrades to refresh the looks of his vehicle. Namely, you’ll notice the carbon fiber front lip, side skirts a rear diffuser and a rear decklid spoiler at first. However, it’s a set of Forgestar CF5V wheels that pushes this Audi A4, and its looks to prominence once again.

White Audi S4 - Forgestar CF5V Wheels in Matte Bronze

The wheels are sized 19×9.5 in the front and 19×9.5 in the rear. A square setup, it works perfectly with the Quattro all-wheel-drive system of the S4. The wheels come in a gorgeous Matte Bronze finish, accentuating the Ibis White exterior nicely and adding a perfect aftermarket upgrade. Add a set of coilovers and an aggressive lowering, paired with bright yellow S4 brake calipers, and you’ve got a wheel setup that looks incredibly well suiting for this vehicle.

Please grab a detailed look at this Audi S4 in the media gallery right below. For more details about this build, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away. These wheels are in stock and available for purchase at our authorized dealers worldwide.