White Tesla Model 3 - Forgestar CF10 Wheels in Satin Black

Pearl White Multicoat Tesla Model 3 Looking Classy On Forgestar CF5V Wheels

This Tesla Model 3 comes with Forgestar CF5V flow-formed wheels sized 19×9 in the front and 19×10 in the rear. The wheels come with a Gloss Anthracite finish

Right now, the Tesla Model 3 is selling like hotcakes. It’s basically overrunning all the other cars and their sales numbers, by a margin. It’s no wonder that more of these are starting to get out there with a set of Forgestar wheels as well. For this one, a pristine Pearl White Multicoat Tesla Model 3, its owner went with a set of Forgestar CF5V wheels, giving it a gorgeous look.

While the Model S and Model X were more high-class, expensive, and larger vehicles from the automaker, the Model 3 is a vehicle that hits that sweet spot regarding price, design, and performance. Naturally, they also come with impressive capabilities stemming from a ground-breaking battery and Supercharging ability, allowing its owners to daily drive and take on longer trips equally well. On the other hand, it’s the possibilities to modify this car that bring forth the aftermarket tuning crowds, creating clean, albeit great looking & performing vehicles.

Pearl White Multicoat Tesla Model 3 - Forgestar CF5V Wheels in Gloss Anthracite

This clean Pearl White Multicoat Tesla Model 3 with a set of Forgestar CF5V flow-formed wheels. While Tesla’s offering with the aero wheels is great for efficiency and a low drag coefficient, for some owners, getting a great-looking set of wheels offsets any range drop they might encounter. For this Model 3, we’ve built a set of wheels sized 19×9 in the front and 19×10 in the rear. The wheels come with a Gloss Anthracite finish. In addition to the wheels, this Model 3 also features an aftermarket big brake kit, helping stop this electric vehicle and looking mightily impressive behind these Y-Spoke wheels.

For a more in-depth look at this Tesla Model 3 build with Forgestar CF5V wheels, please take a look at the media gallery below. If you have any questions regarding our wheels or wish to order these, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our sales team will gladly provide you with all the assistance you need when ordering these wheels for your build.