Riviera Blue RWB Porsche 993 - Forgestar M14 Wheels

Riviera Blue RWB Porsche 993 Forgestar M14 Wheels

The vehicle features a complete Rauh Welt-Begriff 17-piece widebody kit, handcrafted and installed by Akira Nakai

This Riviera Blue RWB Porsche 993 started its life back in 1995 as a plain ordinary 911. Or, as some die-hard Porsche fans call it, the last pure 911 – due to its air-cooled engine. However, it’s owner, a world-renowned car builder Vince Wong, had something in mind for this vehicle. And that something is a completely rebuilt RWB Porsche 911 build for which no corners were cut and no time or money was spared.

This is the RWB LA #1 version 2.0 as Vince already owned a gorgeous Guards Red RWB 964 that he received numerous praises for. Furthermore, this is one of the lowest mileage RWB’s in the world, clocking at just 34k miles on its odometer. This is also the rebuild of Version 2 Car built in Los Angeles Serial #1 and it’s signed and documented by Akira Nakai.

The exterior features a complete Rauh Welt-Begriff 17-piece widebody kit, handcrafted and installed by Akira Nakai. In the front, the kit comes with clear corners, while in the back, this 993 features the Porsche OEM Third Brake Light Rear Window Spoiler. The pristine Riviera Blue paint finish is done by the world famous LT Motorwerks in El Monte California, putting the exclamation point to the widebody kit.

Riviera Blue RWB Porsche 993 - Forgestar M14 Wheels

The inside of the vehicle comes tuned, just the same as the exterior. The vehicle features a Momo Mod 7 steering wheel, to begin with. Neyt in line are the MOMO Super Cup seats, reupholstered in custom leather with RWB stitching. Furthermore, a set of Macht Schnell seat brackets was installed as the foundation for the seats in this vehicle. To enhance safety, a complete roll cage was custom built by Unique Fabrication. Additional items include the Rennline floorboards and pedals, alongside brushed gauge trims and the keyhole trim completing the interior additions.

Riviera Blue RWB Porsche 993 - Forgestar M14 Wheels

In the engine department, the most noticeable item is the complete custom racing exhaust system, built by Unique Fabrication. A set of custom carbon fiber exhaust tips, designed to match the RWB rear bumper was also fabricated, giving the rear an interesting accentuating touch. The final addition to the engine is the Rennline biller engine covers in a bright red finish. And now, moving onto the suspension system and wheels are where it all gets even more interesting here.

This Riviera Blue RWB Porsche 993 features a set of KW Suspension V3 coilovers. In turn, the vehicle comes with improved driving dynamics & handling, giving the driver a better feeling behind the wheel. Furthermore, the coilovers also allow the driver to lower or raise his vehicle in mere minutes – all depending on the trip requirements. The brakes are also exchanged for an aftermarket system, giving the 993 much better braking performance. This is done thanks to a set of Stoptech ST40 brakes, with gorgeous yellow calipers with 355×32 and 332×32 cross-drilled rotors in the front and rear, respectively.

Riviera Blue RWB Porsche 993 - Forgestar M14 Wheels

Finally, the build received a set of custom aftermarket wheels. For this RWB Porsche 993, we’ve built a set of our Forgestar M14 modular forged wheels. The wheels are sized 18×11 in the front and a massive 18×13.5 in the rear. Furthermore, the wheels come with a finish combination of matte black centers with brushed double dark tint lips, giving the perfect finishing touch to this RWB Porsche 993 build. The wheels are wrapped in Pirelli Corsa tires, sized 265/35/18 in the front and 335/30/18 in the rear.

You can take a look at the entire build in the media gallery below. If you need to know more about our rotary formed and modular forged wheels, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away. Our sales team will help you order a set of wheels perfectly matching your particular build requirements.