Gray Chevrolet Camaro - Forgestar F10D Wheels in Green Saki Green

Vynil Wrapped Gray Chevrolet Camaro With Tuning Performance Parts and Green Saki Green Forgestar F10D Wheels

This 6th Gen Camaro comes from ZZ Performance, featuring several high-performance modifications and a set of Green Saki Green Forgestar F10D wheels

The 6th Generation Chevrolet Camaro is a perfect example of a modern American muscle car. It comes with beautiful looks, a gorgeous interior, and the power to boot! However, some owners of this vehicle like to spice things up. This particular Camaro, wrapped in gray vinyl, comes from ZZ Performance, a performance tuning company out of Wyoming, Michigan. They specialize in high-performance builds, namely American muscle cars. And in turn, this being their show car, the parts list on this build is definitely impressive and long.

The engine and transmission upgrades consist of ZZP 4340 Forged Connecting Rods, JE Forged Pistons, ZZP Stage 2 Performance Cams, 82# LTG Valve Springs, ZZP High RPM Lifters, ZZP Larger Fuel Pump Lobe, ZZP LTG Downpipe, ZZP 3” Stainless Catback Exhaust, ZZP Cold Air Intake, ZZP Intercooler Kit, LTG E85 Flex Fuel Conversion, ZZP LTG Turbo Heat Shield, LTG Larger Throttle Body, and a ZZP oil catch can. Furthermore, all of these performance upgrades are tied in and put to good use thanks to a ZZP E60 Tune by Matt M. which allows this Chevrolet Camaro to deliver 325whp and 374 lb-ft of wheel torque – an impressive feat.

Gray Chevrolet Camaro - Forgestar F10D Wheels in Green Saki Green

However, the aftermarket additions don’t stop here. The tuner also added several modifications that improve the handling and braking prowess of this vehicle. Namely, they’ve installed a set of BC Racing BR coilovers, a ZZP front sway bar, a ZZP rear trailing arms, and finally, a set of aftermarket wheels. These come in the form of a set of Forgestar F10D directional flow formed concave wheels, giving this Camaro a perfect accentuating touch.

For this build, the wheels are sized 19×10 in the front and 19×10 in the rear. Furthermore, adding to the vivid exterior color choice is the custom Green Saki Green wheel finish. Finally, the wheels come with Federal RS-RR tires, which, for this build, are sized 275/35/19 in the front and 275/35/19 in the rear.

You can grab a more detailed look at this Camaro build in the media gallery right below. If you’re interested in a set of Forgestar directional wheels, please contact us right away. Our sales team will provide you with the utmost perfect fitment and other information you need in order to purchase your brand new set of wheels.