White Widebody Porsche Cayman - Forgestar F14 Ultra Deep Concave Wheels in Gloss Black

White Widebody Porsche Cayman Ultra Deep Concave Forgestar F14 Wheels

This Porsche Cayman features a complete Pandem Rocket Bunny widebody kit, an air-ride and finally, a set of ultra deep concave Forgestar flow-formed wheels in Gloss Black

Porsche Cayman fans will definitely love this build. A Rocket Bunny widebody Cayman, showcasing a pristine white exterior finish, joined by a set of striking ultra deep concave Forgestar F14 flow-formed wheels. If you ask us, sheer perfection in a single high-performance package. Naturally, this Porsche Cayman comes with an air-ride, perfecting the build and the stance of this vehicle.

The Pandem widebody kit for the Porsche 987 Cayman consists of a front bumper, front fender, grill net, front lip, front canards, side skirts, a rear bumper, and finally, a rear fender. Customers can opt-in for a GT wing as well, as did the owner of this vehicle. However, we have two versions of this build, one with the. large GT Wing and the other with the more subtle ducktail spoiler, giving his vehicle a unique overall look. Overall, the body kit is excessive, but for owners that are going for just that look, this is perfect.

White Widebody Porsche Cayman - Forgestar F14 Ultra Deep Concave Wheels in Gloss Black

The final touch with this, as with a lot of other builds, is a set of deep-dish Forgestar wheels. For this build, a set of lightweight Forgestar F14 ultra deep concave wheels, showcasing a staggeringly deep concave wheel face and filling up those wide wheel arches perfectly. The wheels come with a Gloss Black finish.

You can grab a detailed look at this white Porsche 987 Cayman build in the media gallery right below. For those interested in a custom-built set of ultra deep concave Forgestar wheels for their project, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away.